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To maximum speed of unlimited hope.



 Bengawan Formula Student Team 

Bengawan Formula Student Team is the University of Sebelas Maret's Formula SAE Team, founded in 2016 and under the auspices of the KMTM Faculty of Engineering University of Sebelas Maret. Bengawan Team Formula Student comprises over 20 students who manage, research, design, build, and race a formula student.  We compete annually in the FSAE Japan competition, but in 2022 we begin to compete in the Australasia competition. With your support to our team, you will be helping to develop young Indonesian talent, providing passionate students with the opportunity to push themselves and apply what they are learning in their degree to innovate and compete in the actual life project.

Our team aims to be better from passion. Coming off a Jama Chairman Award in Japan Formula SAE, Bengawan Formula Student Team is the 3rd overall ranked team in Indonesia.



The Journey Begins

Bengawan Formula Student Team was founded in 2016 by Mechanical Engineering student Sebelas Maret University and our faculty advisor, Mr. Ubaidillah. The reason we built this team was that we wanted to make the nation and university proud with our passion. Bengawan Formula Student Team is inspired by "Bengawan", which is a river. A river can bring life to its surrounding, therefore Bengawan Formula Student Team can be a team that enlivens research in the automotive world, improve human resources, and makes the world proud of Indonesia also of the university.